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The main activity of JetProm Ltd. is an import and a sale of consumables for screen printing (inks, chemicals, emulsion for screen printing, adhesives and meshes for screen frames).

We are the distributor of brands Magna Colours, Rutland, Ulano, Nazdar, Saati and supply to Ukraine the following products:

- MAGNA Water based Textile Screen printing Inks (Discharge Systems, Printing Bases, High Solids Waterbased, Speciality Printing Bases, ECO Pigments, Auxillary Products)

- RUTLAND Plastisole Textile Screen printing Inks (Printing Bases, Mixing System, Ready for Use, 4 Color Process, Speciality Inks, Whites, Blacks, Modifiers)

- ULANO Chemicals for Screen Process Printing (Direct Emulision, Screen Chemicals (Mesh Prep, Stencil Remover, Screen Filler, Ink Wash, Stencil Treatment), InkJet Media (Pigment InkJet Film), Cappilary Film)

- NAZDAR UV Screen printing Inks

- SAATI mesh for Screen printing

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